Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Delightful Dining Room Plan

If you checked out my entryway reveal then you know my dining room was looking a lot a bit like this a few days ago:

Let me explain. My husband and I decided to update our dining room which, as you can see, is right off our main living area. Hey, it's got to get worse before it gets better, right? Here is my plan (subject to change!).

1.  Paint the room.  The molding and trim is already white and the wall will go the same Sherwin-Williams Perfect Greige as the adjoining living room, entry, stairway and upstairs hall.

2.  Keep the curtains.  We tossed our old curtains months ago and replaced them with fabric that we attached with clips to the rod. I love the mix of cream, gray, turquoise and chartreuse in the pattern.

3.  Keep our table.  Also, keep the two slip covered pieces as is and recover the seats in an indoor/outdoor fabric. I need to find fabric!

4. Sell our old hutch. This is proving to be more difficult than I thought.  It's beautiful and in perfect condition, but doesn't fit our style and is too big for the room.  I've listed it on Craigslist and called every place I can think of but apparently there just isn't a market for ginormous 1990's style hutches.  My husband is considering just keeping the lower, sideboard piece in the dining room, but I'm worried it might be too much large and not enough depth in different kinds of furniture for the space.  If we do keep it I'm thinking of changing out the knobs with something Anthropologie-ish.

The entire hutch.

Just the bottom part of the hutch.
Knobs from here.

5.  Paint our new hutch.   It's sturdy, but the finish is not fantastic. I was thinking cream for the outside and a deep turquoise for the inside.

6.  Figure out shelving for above our new sideboard.  I know I want two shelves for display, but I'm sort of at a loss as to what to do.

7.  Buy rug.  I'm thinking something like this:

Rugs USA

8.  Some of the art in the room will be staying, but we definitely need more.  I'm thinking of painting two small wooden planters I have for one wall and maybe a plate collage on another.

9.  Find a place for my beloved tea cart!  Now that we have brought in other furniture I can't seem to find a place for it.

Yipes! I had better get to work! But before I do, I just wanted to share some of my favorite dining room inspirations from my Delightful Dining Rooms board on Pinterest.

The Ironstone Nest

Source Unknown

Eclectically Vintage

I can't wait to show you the awesome thrift piece I recently found and made over. My husband picked the color and I think it will fit with our dining room perfectly.


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