Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Updating with White Spray Paint

The power of paint continues to amaze me.

I bought this reproduction crock at the thrift store and for the last six months or so it has been all over my house looking for a home.  While I really liked it, I just couldn't make it work in my decor.

So, since I had recently bought some spray paint primer and white paint (for another project) I thought I would try it our on this thrift store find.

Believe it or not, this was my first foray in spray painting.  I really love the results.  The finish is smooth and natural looking.  What I didn't like was the super strong smell (even with using it outside and with a mask on) and how much paint it used.  I lost count of the number of coats I did.  What I thought would be a quick project (I'm all about results), turned into something that took much longer than I imagined.

Any tips for a spray painting newbie?

Anyway, I'm using my newly painted crock on my dining room table.  I love how it looks against my blue Target (clearance) runner and with my slipcovered chairs.

P.S.  The little white wavy-ness you see at the top of the crock in the after pictures is actually one of my milk glass containers that is holding the rosemary.

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