Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Inspiration Journal

This week I have found wonderful inspiration in nature.  I truly am not an outdoorsy person, but even with the extreme heat and lack of rain we have had this summer our yard is filled with color and life and I can't help but be inspired.

I love this blue jay family.  We've watched the hardworking mama show her babies around the yard and stopping at the best places to find food and water.  Pictures do not do justice to their gorgeous shades of grays and blues.

This goldfinch is so tiny! He seriously looks like he could be a pet. His vibrancy fuels my passion for the color yellow!

Lastly, this bunny lives underneath our neighbors deck with his large family, but frequents our yard.  They let us get so close sometimes it seems like we could almost pick them up.  They've created a huge desire for a pet rabbit in this house!  I love their softness and their mix of tans and grays. Can I call him greige?

When I see these creatures, I'm first amazed because we have such an abundance of wildlife for living in a city and second I recognize their impact on my decorating.  Mix up the colors on the bunny and you have the wall color in most of our main living areas and our house is filled with pops of yellow and blue in nearly every room.

Where in nature do you find inspiration?

Have a great weekend!


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