Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Drama of the Estate Sale...

I saw an ad on craigslist yesterday for an estate sale.

I was intrigued because:

  1. It was very close to my house.
  2. It was in a neighborhood with beautiful, old homes that I love.
  3. The ad mentioned that since Sunday was the second day of the sale everything was 50% off.

Even with the 50% discount I was still appalled at the prices of most some of the stuff.  What can I say, I'm a frugal estate saler and thrifter!

Anyway, I managed to find a few things on my want list and and a couple of things I just plain liked.  None of the items I chose were priced so I had no idea what figure they would come up with when I went to pay.

And at that table, where you can put your items down to pay, is where the real entertainment began. There was one lady in front of me in the midst of the haggle of her life over $1. The arguing over the cost of her finds was both a bit amusing and a tad terrifying. Let's just say that the woman running the sale was not nice, a whole lotta rude and super tough. Eventually, after some more yelling, accusations and questioning the lady backed down and just paid the full price for her pile of stuff even though she felt she was overcharged.

That's totally not me. I have been known to leave all my intended purchases and just walk away if I'm not happy with the price. And I was prepared to do that again. However, when I pushed my pile of stuff over to where the lady was standing and offered $10, she accepted. She probably wasn't happy because I don't think she is capable of that emotion, but I was thrilled because I know if I found all this stuff at the thrift store I would have paid way more!

One last little tidbit to fully paint the picture of this early Sunday morning sale, the older crabby woman's helper was a guy in his 20s that absolutely reeked of marijuana. There was literally a Pigpen-like cloud of stink around him. Lovely.

So, after all that, are you dying to see what I got?

Let me introduce you to my new picture frame, tray, bar shaker, Egyptian-carved brass bowl and hardcover books with copyrights ranging from 1893-1939.

Please share your amusing, terrifying, awesome estate and tag sale stories. I would love to hear them!


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