Monday, December 17, 2012

Closet Cleanout & Using Pinterest to Inspire Everyday Outfits

I'm always adding ideas to my Outfit Inspirations board on Pinterest.  Last Tuesday I mentioned here that I was going to show you all how I translated some pinned images into everyday outfits from what I had in my own closet.

Usually, once a season, I will clean out my closet and store away off season items and donate things I no longer wear.  It's really a necessity since my husband and I share one small closet so my space is extremely limited.

One Week to a New Closet

Another thing I do is to lay out particular combinations of outfits that I like along with shoes and accessories and photograph it so I can later refer to them when I'm looking for a go to outfit.  If you think this is weird, what can I say! I'm a perfectionist who gets stressed out by clutter! Plus, when all my clothes are ironed and hung up nicely it is more tempting to get dressed up rather than stay in my yoga pants all day.

My first inspiration outfit was this one:

Pinned Image

And from my own closet,  I chose Gap trouser jeans (thrifted), an H&M black dress, and black, sparkly Tahari shoes.  I also added in a light greige cardigan to make it more seasonal (Merona for Target).
Here was my second inspiration outfit: 
Women apparel

From my closet I chose Lands' End Canvas skinny jeans and sweater and a Target tank (Merona) and boots. The owl necklace is from Avon.


And, finally, my third inspiration outfit:


For this outfit, I put together Target (Mossimo Supply Co.) boot cut jeans and (Merona) long sleeve black tee. I paired it with Lands' End Canvas boots and a Talbots scarf.

With the ridiculous cold and wet weather we're having in New England this week, my outfits will surely consist of skinny jeans, rain boots and scarves.  Next Tuesday, I'll share a review I recently did for a pair of sunglasses. Very exciting for me since sunglasses are a must!