Sunday, January 20, 2013

Book Page Valentine Garland

One of my favorite things to craft with are books pages. I love the simple black and white color, the texture and how affordable they are. {Just think how many projects you can accomplish with one thrift store book.}

My latest project is this sweet Valentine garland that is so simple to make.

All I needed was a pencil, scissors, hot glue, an old book and a heart to trace. (I happened to have a wooden heart from Michaels on hand, but you could just as easily make one out of cardstock.)

Begin by tracing the hearts onto your book pages and cut them out.  Next, fold each heart in half, crease and open back up. Stack the hearts on top of each other until you get the fullness you desire. (I used seven.) Place a dab of hot glue on each crease to attach and let dry.  Once you have all your sets of stacked hearts glued, just gather your string and glue it to the center back of each set.

Just a simple and subtle way to add a little bit of Valentine's Day to your room.


I feel like I'm going to have so much to share with you all in the coming weeks.  The new year has brought some great changes here at Number Fifty-Three! Lots of painting, new (repurposed) furniture and glimpses into our sons' rooms(they've both requested updates in 2013 and their requests are kind of hilarious!) Stay tuned!

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