Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Under $10 Emerald Green End Table

Hi everyone! I've been laying low this week and not a lot of projects are getting done (even though I have a list a mile long.) Seriously, I just spent the last hour laying on the couch with the blanket over my head.  I've got zero for energy and raging pain in my ear and eye. (Thanks to a ridiculous bout with shingles almost two years ago I now get these random periods of pain where I had the outbreak.) Yuck.

Anyhoo, luckily I got a really cool project done last week with some gorgeous emerald green (yes I totally had to try it on something) paint and a thrift store end table. 

It is a major goal of ours this year to get our classroom/office looking decent and functional and this was my first step.  Do you want to see the finished furniture?  If so, please head over to Pretty Providence where I am guest posting today.


P.S. The entire table was purchased and redone for less than $10!