Sunday, February 10, 2013

Side Table Revamp & Master Bedding

We got so much snow this weekend. How about you?  All I can say is thank goodness for kind neighbors with snow blowers or I'm not sure we ever would have dug ourselves out!
While my boys were out snow fort building and Pokémon training I revamped some of the accessories and small pieces of furniture in our master bedroom.


 I started by repainting this side table we had gotten for free years ago.  It had previously been in my older son's room, but he decided to part with it recently since he wants a more modern feel for his upcoming bedroom makeover.

I repainted it in this really rich, deep gray (Intellectual by Behr Ultra) that I'm pretty sure is becoming one of my new favorite go-to colors. 

After two coats of the Intellectual had dried I decided to use these new Martha Stewart self-adhesive stencils I just bought to create a border around the top of the table. I paired it with Martha Stewart craft paint in Gray Wolf.

Here's a close up shot of the completed stencil boarder.  It just adds a nice finishing touch to a more subdued piece of furniture.

The side table went on my husband's side of the bed. Previously we had been using the nightstand that came with our furniture set, but as you know, I'm all about breaking up sets and mixing and matching to get that collected feel that I love. My husband's only request was for a large plant (cue our fern) and I added in this cute porcelain dove I got at the thrift store since doves are his favorite bird.

I tried out our new rug from the living room up here and, I kinda really like it.  My husband would say this is just me creating more problems for myself. If I leave it up here I am down a rug downstairs. I just can't leave well enough alone. Sigh.
The red and white quilt was a Target clearance item and the duvet folded at the end of the bed is West Elm. I'm seriously not happy with the quality of the duvet and I buy a lot happily from W. E., but this just is not cutting it.  The Peace and Quiet pillow covers are from Urban Outfitters.  All three pieces of my bedding were purchased over time as I found things that I loved.  By the way, the Peace and Quiet is a little nod to my favorite movie ever.  Any guesses?

My side of  the bed has a mirrored tray that I have had for years. I have this aunt that would always get the most unusual and creative Christmas gifts for all of her nieces every year. The tray was one of those gifts maybe 25 years ago.  The little painting is a recent thrift store find and the silver ice bucket holds the television remote and things like that.

I love the little salt shaker silver bird and the lines of this table.

So, this is what I'm trying out in my room right now. There are more changes I will share soon.  The good thing about decorating with neutral walls and accessories is that they can move freely from room to room and always work.

P.S.  My favorite move is What About Bob? I actually wrote a paper diagnosing Bob for a psychology class in college!
Dr. Leo Marvin: I want some peace and quiet!
Bob Wiley: Well, I'll be quiet.
Siggy: I'll be peace!
[Bob and Siggy burst into giggles]

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