Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Blanket Review

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Hi everyone! 

Those that follow me on social media are always commenting on my rescue tuxedo cat, Figgy.  He has a personality like I've never seen and is pretty much a staple here at Number Fifty-Three, especially when I pull out the camera!

Over the years, readers have suggested that I write a book about him, or make a calendar or greeting card, so when I was recently contacted to collaborate on a project, I knew exactly who the star would be!

The photo blanket by is so soft and cuddly and the pictures and colors are crisp and vibrant. Note: You can choose from several different blanket types; mine is the sherpa.

Honestly, my favorite thing is to be wrapped up in a soft blanket. Now that I have a blanket of my actual cat it probably puts me into crazy cat lady status, but I don't even care!


This was a really simple project to do. I actually completed it on my phone, without even needing to turn on my computer. The program simply uploads the pictures you want, gives you editing options, backgrounds and colors, amongst other things. For example, I couldn't decide between black and white and color, so I picked a filter somewhere in the middle.

One feature that I really loved, was that not only can you view your proof, but you can make several mock ups and then choose your favorite. This really helped me because I tend to have a difficult time making decisions, but this allowed me to see how different photo layouts and filters would look (those were the two areas I struggled with the most because there were so many good options.)

Here is what mine looked like when I submitted my order... Photo Collage

...and when I unpacked it. (By the way, I love the muted blends perfectly in my neutral home!)

With the holiday season just a few months away, I feel like this will be such a great gift for children and grandparents alike. offers so much versatility that you can truly customize each blanket and the quality really exceeded my expectations.  I've never ordered or received a product like this before and I'm honestly surprised by the clarity and sharpness of the pictures.

Have any of you ever ordered or received a gift like this?

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