Sunday, November 25, 2018

Paperless Post Review

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Good morning!

I wanted to share a fantastic way to simplify your holiday cards and invitations (or any meaningful event) with you all.

Paperless Post has the most gorgeous online cards that even feature designs by Sugar Paper, Anthropologie, Rifle Paper and more.

You simply choose your favorite card, customize it to make it your own and then email/text it to your friends and family.

One thing I love is when I can just create something from an app on my phone. It makes it so easy and gives you the freedom to work whenever you have a spare moment.

I created an invite as an example to show you all. This is how easy it is to walk through the Paperless Post app.

Once I searched through the various designs I picked this invite since it coordinates nicely with the business cards I already use...

I was then able to customize it with the info for my event...

You are also able to customize your envelope...

And add in options for contacting you, etc...

I sent this one to myself just to show you all how it looks!

and then send the card...

This is such a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to connect with friends and family. Let me know if you use this service this holiday season!

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