Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autumn Art & Decor

With cooler weather beginning to be a reality here in Massachusetts, I have been more and more motivated to decorate my home for autumn. I love lots of natural elements like pumpkins, corn and twigs.
I recently updated my hearth with these favorites of mine.

I added an overturned clay pot and a decorative white pumpkin with rusty leaf that I've had for years under my chicken wire cloche from HomeGoods. I kept  my collected sticks in the zinc pot and added in my collection of mustard colored pottery. I filled the smallest bowl with these really interesting corn cobs that are dusted in wax and spice.  (I got those in a trade with my Mom after I had bought similar ones that were too highly scented for me.)  I placed all of this on top of my trunk that I found free at a tag sale. (I painted it white not too long ago and it has been wonderful as a base for decorating and for additional storage).

I rounded out my vignette with a collage featuring a picture of the Deaths Head Hawkmoth. 


Here are my instructions to make an easy clip art collage of your own:
First, I painted the edges of a scrap piece of wood (also found free at a tag sale) dark blue. Second, I decoupaged it with book pages. In step 3, I added on my clip art (found here) with more decoupage. When dry (step 4), I lightly sanded the entire piece. In step 5, I let the wax from a lit, white candle drip all over the art piece. To achieve the finished product, that I showed displayed on my hearth, I sanded the entire art piece quite heavily.
I just love doing collage and adding in layer after layer of colors and textures.


I hope you enjoyed my take on inexpensive, natural fall decor!
DIY Showoff