Thursday, November 8, 2012

[Project Notebook] and a Winner!

(I always have a ton of decorating and DIY ideas floating around in my head. Many of them end up in my project notebook that I keep in my nightstand. I thought it would be fun if I shared some of my ideas with you all each week.)

This week I'm thinking about simple Thanksgiving decor. I don't want to rush this season one bit. I love this time of year, even more so than Christmas. I plan to incorporate some of the following into our home:

1.  A thankful tree--I love the idea of this!


2.  Decorating with pumpkins, leaves and wheat.

3.  Cranberry pie. (This is my family's favorite T-day dessert!)


4.  Tourtiere (Meat Pie). There is not a Thanksgiving Eve that goes by where my Mom doesn't make my favorite meal of all time. I can't find a recipe online that is simple as the one my Mom makes, but this one comes close.

5.  Gorgeous and simple paper chain.  A different take on the thankful tree idea that I absolutely love!


Lastly, thank you to everyone who entered my latest contest!  The winner of the Ramsign house number sign is...Lisa from Lisa Goulet Design! Congratulations!