Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chalkboard and Twig Antler Art

I've pretty much been obsessed with antlers for a while now.  I mean they are absolutely everywhere and they add such an unexpected and natural touch to a room. 

I think I could do regular antlers (they just fall off, right?), but not taxidermy. That is way, way out of my comfort zone.

How about antlers made from twigs? That is right up my alley since I have sticks/twigs or some other bit of nature in every room.

My twig antlers were super easy, super quick and super inexpensive to make.

Simply start with a bare wood plaque from Michaels. Paint with two coats of black chalkboard paint. Season with chalk. Wipe chalk off and apply wax to protect the finish.

Then, find two antler-ish shaped twigs and adhere to the plaque with hot glue.  (I also hot-glued a paper clip to the back so I could easily hang it up.) And that is it!

I have a lot of ideas for where to put my new antlers (or would that be fantlers since a fantel is a fake mantel?), but I think it will start off as the centerpiece of my February mantel.

My design assistant, Figgy, who pretty much is glued to me all day trying to help with my DIY, thinks this project is completely awesome. (See him helping to adjust the pom-poms.)

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