Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adding Pattern & Texture in the Living Room

Did you all have a good weekend? We spent our time running errands to catch up on all the things that didn't get done last week when I wasn't feeling well. 
It was such a huge relief to have our big Trader Joe's run done and put away before our date night on Saturday (it was insane in there with all the Super Bowl party shoppers)! My youngest, Gennaro, is allergic to many foods and that store is just a lifesaver for him.  His staples at TJ's are rice milk and sunflower seed butter. Do any of you or your little ones suffer from food allergies?  It can be a pain, especially when eating out.
Anyway, I was recently lured in by some after Christmas sales and made a couple of purchases for the living room.

I love the muted colors in this Arrow Pillow Cover from West Elm and had been waiting for it to go on sale.  You can find it here.

Also, I had been wanting to get either a graphic print or a rich-toned oriental rug to layer over our existing living room rug for interest.  I just wanted something small and this Tribal Dhurrie Rug from Pottery Barn Teen definitely fit the bill.  Plus, I was super excited that it was marked down to only $34.99 from the original price of $129.  Score! (The rug is still available and you can find it here.)

We all still love the bold pop of gold from our thrift store chair and how all the grays, whites and blacks of the pillows mesh so well with the couch and rugs. With the exception of the ottoman (you can read about how I upholstered it and see the dramatic before and after here), there is currently not a lot of blue going on in this area.  While there is quite a bit in our adjoining dining room, I think I should add a bit more in the living room. Don't you agree?

Anyone else notice that we totally matched our cat to our color scheme? I swear to you this was just a coincidence.

Lastly, and honestly, what are your thoughts on my new blog design? It's still a work in process, but I am really loving the neutral and simpler layout.  Any additional suggestions while I'm in update mode?

Thanks so much for your support each week. I look forward to all your visits and comments!


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