Monday, February 11, 2013

Non-Traditonal Backsplashes

I am a chronic project flip flopper. I will start a project, make progress and then, before I finish, I move on to something else.  Perhaps a bit of ADD involved, but I'm mostly going to go with the fact that I really do need to let a project or room evolve. You know all those great boards that decorators put together to plan out a room design? Well, I. Totally. Cannot. Do. That. I've tried, but I end up hating the results in the end.  The collected look is more than just a style that I like, it actually how my brain works to put a project together.
So recently, I decided to add a bit of a defined backsplash to our kitchen.  I've been making changes to the room slowly, over the last year, but now I'm to the real nitty gritty part of the makeover; backsplash and cabinet painting.

 Other than that little bit of countertop that goes up in the back, we have never had a true or proper backsplash.  Not that we will technically have one now. Budget and skill really prevent me from getting a traditional tiled backsplash so I decided to research alternative options.

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And I began to realize that it isn't so much the material used (although let's be honest--if I was offered some subway tile I wouldn't hesitate), but it has more to do with actually creating an accent in a really specific area.

 Here is the kitchen now with a defined chalkboard backsplash. I really love the graphic black and I think it will look especially great once the cabinets are painted. FYI - I also repainted the upper portion of the walls in Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl. I'll be sure to share more pictures soon.


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