Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Evolution of our Hutch...

Sigh.  Anyone remember my never-ending hutch saga? While I loved the storage, I despised styling it and it's matchy-matchy vibe with the dining room table. We tried to sell it last summer, to no avail. It started out as stained wood, I painted it white and distressed it and then, realizing that white didn't mesh well with our style, repainted it black on a whim.  We also removed the upper glass doors and changed out the knobs for a more vintage feel. And, I have to say, my husband and I felt quite satisfied with it.  So why then, does it look completely different yet again?  Let me explain...

...this happened.

You all know we adopted Figaro from the local shelter back at the end of November.  When we got him he was named Rooftop. As in, he was found on a roof so that's what the shelter employees decided to name him. That should have been my first clue.  Let me tell you, this cat jumps on everything.  There are literally no limits with him. And, he has this little habit of jumping in the hutch and sliding down the front when he wants to get out; effectively scratching all the black paint off with his claws.

Apparently, before my first round of painting I should have sanded better, and maybe used some sort of adhesion primer. But, I'm not a professional... just a person who loves a little DIY and learning as I go.

So, a couple of weekends ago, when I was repainting the dining room Cloud Cover, I took my sanding block to the hutch, fully intending to eventually sand, prime, repaint and poly. There I was sanding the black and revealing the white and some wood when my husband walked in the room and said he loved what I did to the hutch. WHAT?  Same with my children and my Mom. Shocked. I continued sanding the entire piece and decided to go with it. Our dining room is pretty minimal and crisp so this is actually a nice contrast.

It kind of reminds me of something you would see on this show...anyone else watch it? I love me some Balki Bartokomous. ;)
There have been more changes to the dining room as well...more than just the paint color. Like we actually planked the accent wall. I'll share next week for sure!

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