Sunday, March 10, 2013

Antique Glass Front Cabinet

Hi everyone! Finally, we are having some beautiful weather here in the northeast. We plan on taking a nice long walk with the boys this afternoon. Can't wait. 
A couple of weeks ago I purchased this gorgeous glass front cabinet from my favorite local store (The Trading Post for my Western MA friends). I had been looking for something like this forever to replace the black dresser we previously had here. Antonio snatched that piece up for his bedroom makeover leaving us with an awkward empty space in the corner of our living room.
This cabinet could not be more perfect; look how it fits just right underneath the black shelf.

I admittedly spent a tad more than my budget on this piece, but really, I had been looking everywhere for something like this.

To make up for my over budgeting I styled it with things I already had on hand. So, really I figured it all worked out. Right?  (Love the legs and the scrolly accent pieces highlighted in gold.)

 I filled the cabinet with a mix of decanters, decorating magazines and books, silver, a large piece of wood and science items, like beakers and test tubes.

I plan on accenting the entry/living room area with shades of aqua and turquoise (love those colors) for spring and summer, so I added in a $.25 tag sale bowl, a garden owl and a book with a turquoise spine to balance this corner of the room.

I also added my antique bottle collection to the top of the cabinet (love the light aqua of the bottles). They are all placed in a vintage silverware tray.  I also collected plants from around the house to add more of a spring vibe.

Another peak of the inside of the cabinet...

...and of those fantastic aqua glass bottles.

I love that this is just sort of a collection of things that make me smile. Most, would otherwise be stored away without the addition of this piece. 

Lastly,  one of the plants from my terrarium got replanted in this awesome terracotta pot. I love the age on it. I also tucked in a small brass camel in between the rocks.

Have a fantastic week!


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