Thursday, June 13, 2013

Simple, Drop Leaf Dining Table

Alright, so the amount of rain we have gotten up here in the northeast is bordering on ridiculous right about now. It's to the point where the nice sunny days are a rarity instead of the other way around!  Being cooped up in June and continually having to drag all my painting stuff inside is getting a little old.
Anyway, sometimes it is so tough to sell pieces of furniture that I've refurbished because I've fallen in love. And sometimes, I totally give in and keep the piece, but other times I know they just need to go because I truly have no room for it. 
I loved this little drop leaf dining table that my husband picked up for me.

First of all, I just in general have a thing for drop leaf tables because they are so versatile. The smaller size allows for use as entry or side tables.


Secondly, this table also had a cute little drawer and really interesting cut outs on the corners of the drop leaf sections.

 I knew that I wanted to keep this table super classic so I kept my makeover of it to a minimum. I painted the top black and lightly distressed. The base was left in it's natural very lightly stained wood and I waxed the entire thing for extra protection.  I also kept the original hardware because I loved it!

Here's a quick shot of it set up as a dining table (albeit in my living room), but I did want to show it all opened when I listed it for sale.

Thank goodness this one sold quickly because, honestly, I was getting a little bit too attached to it.
Lastly, here's a little preview of what I've been (very slowly) working on this week!!!!!
Have a great day!


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