Monday, August 12, 2013

Chippy, Grungy, White Dresser

I feel seriously horrible and all kinds of out of sorts. It's been more than a week since I did a blog post. Last week just completely got away from me.  First, I accompanied my youngest to camp for the week. It is always iffy with him in terms of his tolerance and patience level, but he did completely awesome. A couple of moments on the first day, but other than that, just great! And, now he has his very own website set up with all of his favorite things!
Then, we took both boys to Boston to see a retinal surgeon (just in case) he is needed for their vision issues. It was the longest day in history, with a long stream of residents coming into check their eyes (their condition is so rare that most doctors will never actually see it) and an insane drive home. I have never seen traffic move so slow; and it wasn't just in the city, it continued on all the way back to western Massachusetts. 
Saturday, my oldest and I went to Albany to visit a friend and had a blast!  It was another long day, but so, so worth it and, finally, Sunday I worked on painting this dresser.

My mom and I love this dresser. I took chippy and grungy to the extreme on this one and am so thrilled with the results.  Here is the before. It was in awesome condition and super heavy (so glad my husband went and picked this one up for me.)

I sanded, painted it a deep cream and sanded it again. Then, I stained it and waxed it. Honestly, it was a ton of physical work...did I mention it weighs two tons!

I left the hardware as is for contrast.


I so wish this one was staying with me. I'm actually considering painting my own bedroom dresser in a similar fashion.


The dresser is getting picked up today to go to its new home and I've already sent a preview picture to the new owner and she loves it. Yeah!

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