Wednesday, August 14, 2013

[Project Notebook] Wallpaper

Lately, I have been really coveting rooms that have wallpaper. They seem to be gaining popularity again, design-wise, and not in that wallpaper-plus-border look of the 1980s that, in hindsight, was a bit over the top.
And, I know this could totally be a DIY project, but in reality I will most likely save my pennies and hire a professional because I would be in a complete panic over getting everything lined up properly and without visible seams.
I would love it to be a neutral print (probably focusing on the gray/white/black color palette).
Also, I'm thinking just an accent wall will suffice. My current thinking is the wall behind the bed in our master bedroom (we recently got a new mattress and have been tweaking that room) or the wall in our entry where the gold settee is.
Here are some patterns that I currently love (and this post is just really me thinking out loud because I am nowhere near ready to tackle this project yet!) But, I think #4 is my fav!
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