Monday, September 30, 2013

Vintage Hobnail Entry Light & Sneak Peak

I have something so special to share with you all today!
A little over a year ago we went to a neighborhood tag sale in our city and, towards the end of the day, I stumbled upon a free pile with this gorgeous, hobnail, milk glass and brass pendant light. I immediately grabbed it and have been obsessed with it ever since.


I knew it would be perfect in our entry. We had been living with a horrible shiny brass and glass crooked fixture since we bought the house and it was seriously doing no favors to us, both in design and amount of lighting.


So, there sat my perfect milk glass globe light, in a little box for over a year. And, every time I went into my storage room I would linger for a moment and think about how fantastic it would be in our entry.

And I would ask my husband to please hang it up or to find someone to hang it up and nothing. would. ever. happen. Until, my friends, I contacted a handyman services company to give me a quote to hang the light. And I told my husband what they said, because the amount was so high it was laughable. I may or may not have threatened to actually call the company back and have them install the light.

Not surprisingly, my husband found his inner electrician, faced his fears and hung the light for me yesterday. He really is awesome at DIY and doesn't give himself enough credit.

Did you spot my new piece of furniture too? I recently bought the IKEA Fabrikor. Love. Love. I'll be sharing way more pictures of the entire entry soon. I have a few more changes coming my way (like an accent entry wall!)



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