Monday, November 4, 2013

Rustic Burlap Tassel Garland

So, I've packed up all of my Halloween decorations for next year and was set to tackle late fall when my husband and I decided to spur of the moment drive to IKEA and buy a bookcase for our living room. We had been contemplating what to do on one wall and have not been happy with anything. This was a great (and inexpensive solution) but, of course, it called for lots of styling and moving things from one place to the other, which is what I have been doing since last night. (It will be awesome though and I can't wait to share it with you all.)
Anyway, I did take a quick little break to photograph a little autumn inspired craft I recently made. I'm really gravitating towards brown, cream and gold for November, and I love to add in a little bit of a rustic feel to my d├ęcor this time of year. simple, rustic, burlap, tassel garland. Easy to make, albeit messy (as is always the case when working with burlap).
All I did was cut my burlap fabric into strips that were approximately 14" long and 3/4" wide. I used eight strips for each tassel.
I folded the eight strip of burlap in half and put a pencil at the crease (so I would have enough of a loop to string them later. Then I tied a knot with jute twine.
I added on a piece of gold ribbon around the jute with some hot glue and then strung it all together on more jute twine (I found it easy to tie the end of my twine to a safety pin so that I would have something to grab on to when I fed it through the top of my tassel. Lastly, I trimmed the bottom of each tassel to my desired length.
I love it here in my entry!  What do you think?



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