Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Perfect Red Vintage Dresser

I always feel like everything happens for a reason. Like every good thing and struggle is there to teach us something or give us some sort of opportunity. I even carry this over to shopping. A lot of times I will have trouble deciding on whether or not I want something and I won't initially buy it. Then, if I go back another day and it is still there and I've really been thinking about it then I know it was meant to be. (A totally risky thing when we're talking about thrift store merchandise, right!)

Anyhow, a couple of months ago my husband had a random Friday off and I decided to treat him to lunch a few towns away and then run some errands on the way home. One of the things that my husband wanted to do was stop in at a thrift store. I initially wasn't on board (I know, weird, right?) But, I never have had luck at that particular store, didn't want to waste time and such, but my husband claimed he had a good feeling about it.

Boy was he right. I found this gorgeous, little beauty. Best of all, it had been there for over a month, so they marked it down 50%. Score!
My Mom immediately scooped this one up for herself (she had been wanting a new dresser for her bedroom for a while now) and then it proceeded to sit in my garage. And she would periodically stop by and see me painting custom pieces, crafting, decorating, and patiently waiting until I had the time to work on her dresser.

And, just like how I believe everything works out for a reason, so did this. See, my Mom had initially, kind of half hearted told me to paint it cream. She wasn't sold on the color, but nothing was jumping out at her. Until the day that I got a box of fantastic new paint colors from General Finishes Paint Company. She spotted this Holiday Red and just knew that was it!

Oh my gosh, I wish you could all see this one in person. It is so incredibly pretty. I painted two coats (don't be shocked by how bright it is when wet if you decide to use this really, really should use this color), because it dries to the perfect true red.  And, I often find, that a perfect true red is difficult to achieve. (And look at that top! It opens up and has additional storage and a mirror!)

Here's the before, just another piece with pretty lines and an old worn finish.

And one final picture. Love.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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