Thursday, February 20, 2014

Decorating with Vintage Paintings & Feature @ P & P

So, I sort of broke my own shopping rule over the weekend. This year I am trying to be more conscious about my spending; only buying items that I really, really love for specific projects that I am currently working on. (You know, none of that frivolous spending just because something is on sale or it might work some day.)
I've also been trying to shop my own home before spending money on d├ęcor.

And, then I found this painting at an indoor flea market. It wasn't anything I needed and it wasn't for a specific project, but can you say love? You totally know how you can't dwell on items in places like that because they move so fast. I did, however, think about it long and hard (while clutching it) before I bought it.

 The painting is from the 1950s, I paid $35 for it and I totally love it. It's now above our mantel, replacing a large mirror we've had forever. It is a perfect accent for the room, brings in a lot of color and is age appropriate for our home.  This is the view from sitting on the couch...

Because the painting makes such a statement, I kept the rest of the mantel and fireplace super simple.


I bet your wondering how this new addition is going over with the family?  Not well. So. Not. Well. My youngest keeps telling me to get rid of it. (Apparently she has creepy eyes and he has major issues with eyes. Not kidding, he is 10 and can just now look at the Grinch.) And my 12 year old jumped on the band wagon and made some rude 12 year old comment. My husband was better with it once I hung it up and styled the space.

P.S. Apparently I have a thing for vintage oil paintings of women. (We've had Drew, (aptly named because my husband things she looks like Drew Barrymore) for close to two years in our dining room.

A couple of final thoughts. I think that my decorating style has definitely changed this year. I've been noticing the shift for a while now. I find myself being super selective in what I display (and keeping items to a minimum). Also, I find myself gravitating towards pieces that can remain up throughout the year rather than decorating seasonally. I can't wait to see how this evolves!

And....exciting news! I am being featured over at Primitive & Proper today in Cassie's It's Eclectic, Boogie Oogie Oogie Series! Head on over there and show me some love!
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