Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fairy and Gnome Garden House (Guest Post by My Garden Diaries)

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to have my friend, Nicole from My Garden Diaries over here today to share a super fun DIY project with you all! I especially love posting this today because we are getting slammed with snow at this very moment! Anything that makes me think of spring for sure has me smiling!
Hi! My name is Nicole and I'm so excited to be here with you today!  First of all,  I wanted to thank Angela for inviting me to share this little garden project with all of you on her fantastic blog!  It's a fun and easy one to inspire all things garden in the coming months! 
You will need a tree stump, hot glue guns, drill, screws, and a collection decorative bits for your fairy and gnome house.

The fun thing about the decorative bits is that you can use anything!  Seashells, stones, moss, twigs, bark, beads, dried flowers or even buttons!  Just look around your home to see what you can find and make sure you invite the kiddos to create with you because this is a project they will love!

Now it's time to use your imagination and start mapping out where your door or little fairy swing will go!  Begin by hot gluing your pieces on your's that easy!  I used a drill to screw down the large pieces of bark for my roof but everything else was attached with hot glue. 

 When setting up your house in the garden be sure to place a piece of tile under your stump to help keep the base of your house on a sturdy and dry surface.  Though no worries about your house getting a little wet in the rain.  Ours made it through many storms!  

And there you have it! A simple fairy and gnome garden house! 


Happy Gardening!  

Thank you so much, Nicole! This project looks like so much fun! A couple of years ago my boys read The Spiderwick Chronicles and were completely enamored with sprites so we made a little house for them with natural materials in our garden, but this is so, so much cooler!

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