Monday, July 28, 2014

Classic Black & Gold Coffee Table

Yesterday we were hit with some pretty wild weather up here in the northeast and today looks like more of the same. Honestly, though I love those thunder storms that happen only in the summer!  I spent a good part of yesterday painting some smaller pieces that I could bring into the house in between storms. I'll share at least one of those later this week, but today I have this classic coffee table to show you all.

First of all, this coffee table is shockingly similar to the one we had growing up, which made it extra fun to work on.
I know that most of the time I tend to gravitate towards lighter colors both in the pieces that I sell, and those that I keep for my own home, but as soon as I saw this table I thought classic black.
My favorite black to use is Lamp Black from General Finishes because I have found I to be a super true shade without the undertones of gray or blue that I so often find with other brands.
Since there was so much beautiful detailing on the legs and base I decided to highlight the grooves with gold to add in more interest.
Lastly, I lightly distressed and sealed with poly for further protection.
Local friends, this one is currently available for sale; message me if you are interested in purchasing!