Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall In Love Series...Week One

Hey everyone! Forgive my lateness in getting this out this morning. My lovely guys have given me whatever makes-you-want-to-curl-up-in-ball-with-a-box-of-tissues illness they had last week.  Love how even though my boys are homeschooled we still go through the usual fall sicknesses every year.
But, I have something super exciting to share with you all today. My good buddy, Cassie from Primitive & Proper has organized this awesome series where we will be updating a room in our home over the next six weeks. How's that for motivation to get something accomplished!
Fall-in-Love-graphic-1 (1)

With my living, dining, study, upstairs hall, master bedroom and bathroom in a pretty good place (and that darn kitchen renovation which has yet to start...hello...they are already three weeks behind and they haven't even started yet!) I decided to tackle the room of my youngest. Now, truth be told, he is neater than his older brother, and even though that room could use a major overhaul, I decided to go with Gennaro's space, simply because it is the smallest room in the house and is in desperate need of storage.
Wonder why I never share his you go...and he cleaned up for you all...(insert me rolling my eyes here)...
Now. I am just going to address a couple of things here before I get all these crazy comments. First, yes that is an empty ice pop container on his dresser and I have no idea how long it has been there for. Second, that is in fact a naked Fraggle in his closet. I will have to remind Gennaro that the weather is getting cold and that Red needs her turtleneck back. OK.
On to my plan...I painted his room, like maybe a year ago and I am still good on the color. My main focus will be storage and containment. This kid has a lot of stuff.  First of all I plan on rearranging the furniture. I'm also hoping the desk will go and be replaced by something wood and vintage with plenty of storage.  Right now, my plan includes new bookshelves, plenty of storage, lighting and fun accessories...
So, I'm kind of excited about this project. The accomplishment will be major if I can concur this space!  
Here is the complete list of all the fab bloggers taking part in this series...just click on their links for more.