Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Ready House with Libman

*I was compensated for this post with supplies, however all content, thoughts and opinions are my own.
Full disclosure: my house is a complete disaster at the moment. I have a cat who sheds despite the freezing weather, two almost teen boys and a kitchen reno underway. Literally, there is not a day where my home is sparkling and presentable. It's dusty, messy and in need of a constant cleaning.

Recently, I was gifted a mop and some cleaning solutions to test out in my home from Libman. Seriously. You know I jumped all over that offer.

If you've ever been through a home renovation you know the dust takes over your house in just a completely insane way. Despite vacuuming and dry mopping I was still left with a white, dirty film all over my floor...definitely not camera ready!

For this reason, I was looking forward to trying the Libman Freedom Mop for this project and it didn't disappoint.  Some features that I like were that the cleaning solution is concentrated and easy to mix with water (smaller bottle means it needs less storage space and there is less overall waste) and the microfiber pad is reusable and washable.

Here's a side by side comparison of my floor before and after using Libman Freedom Mop...

This is just one tiny area of my home that I have gotten camera ready for two upcoming holiday tours I will be taking part in over the next few weeks. 

I mixed it up a bit in my midcentury hutch. Typically, as you may remember, I have it filled exclusively with white pottery, but I wanted a warmer, more rustic and Christmas feel.

I still left in many of my pottery pieces, but incorporated mercury glass and silver...

...faux greenery...

...vintage ornaments....

and rustic wood elements...

I'm pretty thrilled with how it came out! And I am doubly excited about the gleaming and clean wood floors I have now. (I'm a wee bit obsessive about organization and cleaning and know I will definitely be purchasing Libman products for my home in the future.)

P.S. You can print your own Libman coupon here.


  1. We are in the covered in dust stage of our renovation! We've swiffered the walls etc... We keep finding spots we have missed! Will consider Libman!


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