Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our Take on the Brimfield Flea Market...

Hey there!
Even though I grew up just a little bit away from Brimfield it wasn't something I frequented as a child, or as an adult, for that matter. In fact, this past weekend was only the second time I have ever gone.
If you've never been we would completely encourage you to go. It's such a unique experience filled with awesome vintage and antique pieces and tons of curiosities.

Tons and tons of curiosities...

Despite being there for five hours, we only covered about 3/4 of the market. It's massive and there are so many things to look at.
(Plus we paused for lunch. I had to have a Del's Lemonade. No question.)
We completely loved these pieces made from an old truck and an airplane part, respectively.

Here's the thing though. Prices are crazy high. There were a few things that weren't bad, that we considered. But, not one thing came home with us. (This butcher block table was AMAZING...but also over $2,000.)
 Having this in our living room would have made me super, super happy!
Also, many of the vendors seem to follow the same trend. Right now that seems to be farmhouse tables and kitchen islands made with all kinds of reclaimed materials.  They are so beautiful! We were seriously in love with them all. But, with prices starting at $1200, it just wasn't justified. It also really made us question the pricing as the market seemed to be oversaturated with these tables.
 Imagine this in a kitchen...
Making a table like this is in our future plans...
Have any of you been to Brimfield? We would love to hear your take on it!