Sunday, March 13, 2016

Farmhouse Stairway Makeover

This is a sponsored post.

I've been slowly plugging away on our stairway since the first of the year. I know it seems like the last place I should have tackled, given that, other than a little painting here and there, not much has been accomplished in the nearly six months that we've lived here. But, my reasoning is twofold:  1. I've noticed that nearly everyone who comes to our house enters through the mudroom on the side of our home, so the stairway ends up being a main focal point, and 2. I like to work when inspiration on a plan strikes. That's not always the most practical way to work, but when you are a creative person, like I am, I feel like it's truly the most efficient.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Chicken Feeder Succulent Planter

In my home, plants tend to be a big part of my d├ęcor.  Adding color and life is so important to the finished look of a room, in my opinion, and, I'm always particularly fond of succulents.

Our new house has a farmhouse vibe going on and I wanted to incorporate these plants without taking on a modern vibe, like I've done in the past.