Sunday, August 28, 2016

Vintage Mahogany Dresser with Glass Hardware

This is a sponsored post.

This month I took part in The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest and I am so thrilled to share my project with you all! We were so lucky to have the sponsorship of D. Lawless Hardware They are by far my number one source for hardware on all my furniture makeovers, so I was beyond excited to be able to work with them again! If you haven't checked them out, I highly encourage you to do so. Not only do they have fantastic prices they have a giant selection of vintage inspired hardware.

Also, their theme for this month was Class it Up, which is so appropriate since school is just about ready to start up for the year here in New England. I ran with the theme adding on a chalkboard to my dresser. How adorable would this piece be in a child's room or even in an entry, where you could write a note welcoming your guests?

 This was easily one of the most challenging pieces of furniture I have ever worked on. I'll be honest, that there were a couple of times that I gave up and wanted to completely trash the piece, but I continued on because it was structurally in excellent condition and was solid mahogany. I guess I
just have this thing about wanting to save all the old furniture all of the time.

So, while that looked like a dresser that had just been painted, it was actually SO much worse. Why someone would have done this to such an old piece, I seriously do not understand, but it was covered in several coats of spray paint, one being that textured granite like paint. To get it down to bare wood took an incredible amount of stripping and sanding. I cannot even tell you the amount of hours we devoted to this piece.

But, I feel like it was so incredibly worth it!

I was able to save two of the drawers to stain (I adore the paint stain combo and keeping at least a little bit true to the original piece).

The dresser was found without any hardware or its original casters, so D. Lawless Hardware was gracious enough to provide me with the perfect vintage inspired pieces to complete my project.

Look at how pretty these sun aged glass knobs and pulls are!

And, I just love that we were able to add wood casters back onto the dresser.

 I've a bit overshared with the pictures in this post, but want to just touch on the chalkboard very quickly. This was not original to the piece, but something we crafted in our workshop and I will share a tutorial with you all soon. I painted it cream, to contrast with the mid toned gray of the dresser and I just think that it adds the most perfect finishing touch!

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