Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Vintage Scrabble Letter Message Board

I've been loving all the message and sign boards I've been seeing on Instagram lately, and have wanted to do my own take on one.

  This project is truly versatile and you can use this anywhere in your home, but I decided I wanted it to take center stage on our fridge (full post detailing how I updated it coming up next week...we have one more project to complete on it). FYI: You can substitute a picture hanger on the back in lieu of the magnets to hang on your wall.

Supplies:  vintage frame in your choice of color/finish, tin snips, metal sheet (found at the home improvement store), magnetic tape, round flexible magnets, ruler, marker, scrabble letters, hot glue

Start by removing the contents of your frame, if applicable, and paint it in the color of your choice. My frame held a mirror in its past life and was just a few dollars at the thrift store. I had it on hand already and had previously painted it a distressed cream, but wanted it to have a clean, monochromatic look, so I repainted it black.

Next, measure and mark a straight line on the metal sheet and cut with the tin snips so that it fits inside the frame. CAUTION: You may want to wear protective gloves as the metal will be sharp.

Once cut, secure the metal back into the frame.

Add the round magnets to the back of the frame with hot glue. I started with just a few and it would not stay on my fridge at all, so just keep adding them until it securely hangs.

Lastly, cut the magnetic tape into strips and add them to the back of the Scrabble letters. I had to go back and add hot glue to each of these as the tape did not have a lot of adhesive and the letters were falling one by one.

This was definitely filled with trial and error! Learn from my mistakes.

I'm loving this modern take on children's alphabet letters! My teenagers are, too. Literally every single time I walk over to the refrigerator another message is there to greet me!

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