Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Simple Valentine Flour Sack Towel

Happy February, friends!

 I have a really simple Valentine craft that adds a little punch of fun and color to your winter kitchen décor.

 Supplies:  Flour sack dish towel (I found these for a great price at Target), felt in your choice of colors, pen, ruler, fabric scissors, fabric or hot glue.

If you follow me on social media than you already saw how difficult it is for me to get my tutorial shots ridiculously funny.

But when you see this...

...know that 12 shots of this happened beforehand!

Anyway, so I began by ironing my flour sack towel just to get a good foundation to work with.  Check the link out above for these. They are such a great value and can be used for so many things.

After I ironed the towel, I laid out the felt and determined what word I wanted to add, the order of the colors and the size.

You want this to have a handmade feel to it, so I sketched my word onto the felt with a pen (I used the ruler as a size guide so they would be somewhat uniform), and then I cut them out using fabric scissors.

Next, lay your word out on the towel and adjust the spacing to your liking. Attach the word using fabric glue (ideally), or if you are like me and didn't realize you were out and it was the middle of a snowstorm, use hot glue.  Let dry and then add the colorful little sentiment to your kitchen!

I have a love of turquoise that runs deep so that's why I added the heart in that color. I love how it plays against the warmer tones.

Here are some of my favorite things all grouped together...wood beads, marble, antlers, pretty smelling candles and white fabric with lots of texture...

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