Monday, January 21, 2019

Antique White Vintage Vanity

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share this sweet three piece vintage vanity set with you all today!

I love working on pieces that have been handed down in families. It's such a special feeling to bring new life to furniture so that it can be enjoyed for many more years to come!

The plan for this piece was to go simple and classic so that it can last through wall color and accessory changes and still blend with the young teen's bedroom.

Here's the before...there was some additional significant veneer damage on the sides that I needed to repair before priming and painting.

After painting the three pieces in antique white, I lightly distressed it; focusing solely on the decorative wood appliques.

Also, did you notice the hardware? I shared on Instagram how to easily remove layers and layers of old paint by simply boiling the hardware in water and rubbing it off. (I used a toothpick for the little crevices.) I would say this method removed about 95% of the paint and there was at east 4+ layers!

Thank you so much for checking out my latest transformation! If you are in the northern Connecticut area and would like a quote feel free to message me on social media or email at

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