Monday, November 5, 2012

Pin Board and Burlap Wall Art

Hi everyone! I had a large, empty wall in our kitchen. It used to have our subway art, but then I rearranged a bunch of furniture and accessories a couple of weekends ago and the art from the kitchen was moved into the living room.  You know how it is, right?

Well, on top of it, I have been trying extra hard to be frugal and to use what I have on hand to decorate.

So, I came up with the idea of using a thrifted $4.99 bulletin board that had been stored in my basement and some burlap from my fabric stash to create an easy and natural wall hanging.

Basically, I just cut the burlap into strips using that method where you remove the string first and then just cut on the line to avoid any unnecessary fraying.  I weaved the fabric strips and stapled them tightly to the back of the board with the same stapler I use for reupholstering.

I love the texture and subtle pattern from weaving the fabric.

The blueberry vine wreath had been hanging on my back porch up until recently when we brought everything in because of the severe weather.
The green cabinet has been all over my house. I'm always tempted to paint it, but I kind of just love it as is.

To keep everything simple I added this library drawer I bought for $.75 last month at a tag sale. (I got 2 for $1.50 total!) and filled it with herbs, Indian corn and squashes and potatoes. 

The owl vase is also thrifted.  I can't get enough of my owls!

Enjoy your week!

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