Thursday, December 13, 2012

Repurposed Tree with Thrift Store Silver

I'm gearing up to host the 'Tis the Season Holiday Link Party on December 22nd. My theme for the party is Christmas trees and I thought I would share this fun little tree that we have in our dining room because it has such an interesting backstory!


You know how artificial Christmas trees come in a few parts?  Well, this is the top portion of our old Christmas tree!  We got a new, larger one for our living room and I decided to repurpose part of the old tree.  All I did was stick it into an urn that I had in storage. Super easy, and frankly I don't think anyone would have guessed that I just fashioned this from something what was destined to be discarded. 


I decorated it with vintage silver sugar bowls and creamers from the thrift store that I already had on hand.  I just simply tied the handles with twine and hung them on the tree.

I also used vintage silver ornaments and silver alphabet tags from my scrapbook supplies to add more sparkle and dimension.

I draped long lengths of black ribbon around the tree as garland.

Lastly, instead of a traditional topper I used some dried flowers randomly stuck around the top of the tree.




A Holiday Linky Party Is Coming Your Way!


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