Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mid-Length Hair Ideas...

Let me just start off by saying that I, in no way, have mid-length hair. My hair has gotten super, super long and is currently a few inches past the middle of my back.
Also, my hair is impossible to maintain and has always been that way.  It's curly (and I don't like to straighten it). Unless I do a very involved routine every day it is complete frizz. I have a ton of hair, yet it is super fine.
Add into that the fact that I have never really been able to find someone to cut it properly besides my Mom.  Seriously, I either have stylists who straight up tell me they have no idea how to style curly hair or stylists who neglect to listen to the fact that my hair curls very, very unevenly so you can't just cut it all the same. (The top layers of my hair are curly, the underneath layer is just wavy.) So, I frequently end up with very distinct layers that do not mesh.
There is my hair rant. And I'm probably (much to my husband's dismay) going to get it cut. Example number one is my current fave.  What about you? Any hair troubles?
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