Monday, May 6, 2013

Entry Tour: Styling with Antique Books

If you recall there is no real separation between our entry and our living room. Kind of unusual for an older home, plus our neighbor's house was built by the same person at the same time and they do, in fact, have a separate, walled off entry space.

This is a spot I have struggled with so much. I've been really unsure of how to decorate the space, not only because it is so open, but because our massive, off centered fireplace appears to be half in the living room and half in the entry.
A while back, I decided to make it less entry and more of an extension of our living room and I really think that this had worked. I've kept all the furniture the same for a while now; it even survived my massive rearranging a couple of weeks back when our new couch was delivered.

One thing I did do, however, was to change the styling of our small, black step back hutch.  It had previously been filled with a collection of vintage canning jars, but when I was fortunate enough to get rid of the--way to big for our room I can't work around this ginormous thing it just really needs to get out of this house right now--dining room hutch (cue angels singing and all that good stuff) I needed a place to display my antique and vintage book collection.

Now, I do have a few books in other spaces (like on my coffee table), but for the most part this is my collection in its entirety.

I came up with this idea for displaying my books from a picture that I had saved on Pinterest.  Can I just tell you that I think about this image way too much? I seriously love when a collection is grouped in a mass quantity.

Here's one final look:

You can see more ideas for displaying collections on my Pinterest board here.


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