Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY, Updated Side Yard

Everyone. I have hinted at it and wished and willed it to happen; the removal of our ugly, red, rotten, way-to-high-for-its-space, fence. My husband finally took it down this weekend with the help of our neighbor and I could not be more thrilled.

Saturday was all about the deconstruction and clean up and yesterday we got to work with the actual design, purchasing and set up.

 This area is on the side and lower back of our property right where the back of our house ends.

We had contemplated making a gate for this area, but ended up getting this ready made wood trellis since we were trying to keep costs down and there really was no need for an actual gate.

We bought hydrangeas for each side of the trellis and boxwood for the border of our property and our neighbors yard.  We had some slate leftover from another project and used them to create a little walkway from our yard to our neighbors. All the rocks were part of the original stone wall that had fallen down that was replaced last summer.  Anyone have suggestions for some pretty perennials I can get to plant in front of the trellis?

I love a cottagey yard filled with chippy and rusted things. I found this door for free at an old farmhouse and I think it adds a perfect touch against the new wall.


Here is a partial before picture. My husband and neighbor had already taken down the panel where the trellis now stands. Horrible, right? And, yes, I ran out of the house like a crazy person with my camera when I realized they had started and I didn't get a picture. It's OK. I'm used to the head shaking and laughter.

You have no idea how long I have asked for this project to happen. Here's Martino, who insisted that I take a picture of the trellis with the level to show that it is level even though we live on a hill...

Here's a view from our backyard looking towards the street.  So much neater and cleaner!

Lastly, here is a view of the back corner of our home just next to the area that we finished.

 I love it! Just some minor mulching, grass planting and a few perennials that need to be removed in one part of the yard and we are done with our outside updates. We've worked super hard the last two summers on these projects and, other than the retaining wall which we did hire out, we did this all ourselves and on a very small budget.
Enjoy your day!



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