Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Thrifting Tips...

If you've read any portion of my blog ever, then you for sure know of my love for thrift store shopping.




I almost said that I love everything about thrifting, but that's so not true. I despise unreasonably high prices and crazy people. Seriously. I. Have. Some. Experiences. With. People. That. Would. Shock. You.
Anyway, with thrift store, estate sale and tag sale shopping there has to be some rules and guidelines, right?

So, here are mine...First, I avoid anything stinky or with mildew or mold. And, yes, I sniff everything before I buy it. So there. It embarrasses my children to no end.

Next, it has to be a good price, because frequently thrift stores and tag sales ask such random amounts. Most of the time you get a great value, but sometimes the items are way off the mark high. And, just so you know, I did actually complain to the headquarters of my favorite thrift store after months in a row of steadily increasing prices and decreasing quality. And they actually listened!

Also, look for good lines and good construction. A lot of times, especially the furniture that I buy, is straight up ugly. And my family looks at me all weird like "why in the world would she want that?!?!"...potential people...potential.

Find items that speak to you and that are unique. Like, for as much as I love HomeGoods and Target, I cannot totally shop there exclusively or else my home would look like everyone else's. Know what you like and what you are willing to spend. I am always on the hunt for brass, antique books and pottery when I'm out shopping and I have quite a collection of all three. This is especially good for the serial me!


What are your fav thrifting tips? Or what was your worst experience? Anyone remember the estate sale I went to last summer where the guy working was literally consumed by a cloud of marijuana smoke. Good times.


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