Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[Project Notebook] Home Organization

If there is one thing (well, there are actually a lot of things, but this is definitely towards the top) that makes me anxious is clutter.
And, it is a constant battle in this house. I am always rearranging or working on a project for my blog. Or, bringing in more furniture to paint. Or, homeschooling. Or, trying to tame the mess my children make, which is not easy when the have ADHD and autism and cannot focus and find the need to collect everything.
I find it is easier to manage and keep my house clean if everything has its own place and you purge frequently (not something my boys like to do, but it happens).  This week has been one of those reorganizing/purging weeks for us. Next week probably will, too, as I really need the house in order before we start back at school.
Here are some images that inspire me to getting moving around here. How often do you do a big purge in your home?
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  1. So... we have a major problem with clutter in our house too. I wish I could say it is not true (because technically, I am a stay at home wife), but we do have two antique booths that I am in charge of, and I work at the antique mall two days a week, and take care of my 3 year old nephew one day, and BAM - its like stuff piles and piles. I LOVE these pics because they do give me motivation to work on systems... (my husband would just LOVE for me to get things in more "order". SO thanks for sharing! By the way, come link up at our linky party that is live right now! Here is the link! :) Have a good one!

  2. I hear ya on clutter stressing you out! I usually end up doing de-cluttering on the weekends but need to get better control over it so it doesn't happen much in the first place. I probably purge once or twice a year. Sometimes we just put unused things in the attic!

  3. I don't de-clutter nearly as often as I should. You seem very organized Angela, and that is good.Susan


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