Monday, November 18, 2013

Book Page Feather Christmas Tree

Welcome all!
Here it first Christmas craft of the season!

You know what? long before I even started my blog I was a serial redecorator. I just can't help changing things up. This is even the case at holidays. Like I really don't want my tree, mantel and all that to look the same year after year. Now that I have Number Fifty-Three I actually have the photographic evidence to remind me what I did in the past and how I want to change it for the future!
And, I think that is why I love making crafts so much. It's not like I can purchase all new Christmas decorations year after year! But, what I can do is make some simple and inexpensive crafts that lend a big impact and change the feel of my staple decorations.

This weekend I made this book page feather tree. It was simple. A little bit messy with all the tiny scraps of book pages from the cut outs, but well, well worth it!
Here's the supply list: a vintage black and white book, feather templates printed on cardstock (I used these), scissors, hot glue, a delicate looking branch (I used a forsythia clipping from my yard), vintage ornaments and a vessel to securely hold the "tree".
All you need to do is cut out a bunch of the feathers (I also snipped little lines along each side of the feather to give them a more realistic feel), and glued them to the branch. Easy, right? I didn't do tons of layers, but kept it really, really simple. I added a few ornaments and that was it!

I'm sharing it in my living room today, but I think it will actually be moving to our upstairs hallway very soon. I have some tweaking to do up there with furniture and paint and I think it is going to be much easier to decorate seasonally now. Can't wait to share it all with you!



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