Thursday, January 2, 2014

Decorating on a Zero Budget

I'm sure most of you will agree with me that when you constantly like to decorate and redecorate it can get a little bit tough on the wallet.

I am so there right now. Since Christmas is put away, it's like a fresh start in my home. And, I feel like I want to decorate, switch around and make everything new for 2014. Problem (or challenge) is that I really, really don't want to spend any cash. Seriously. Those stores are just calling my name to come and pick through all those fab after Christmas sales. But, I must stay strong!
I have bigger plans that I need to save my money for. Boring stuff like paying the orthodontist bill and car payment every month. And exciting stuff like saving for a new counter top and other home updates.
So, here are my tips for decorating your home after Christmas on a zero budget. 

Take all of your favorite things and set them in a central location like your dining room table. At this point, your Christmas decorations have been put away, but keep things that read winter, versus holiday, out along with any plants you may have purchased during that season.  (Notice my little helper!)

Think about what's important to you at this moment. What kind of feel do you want for your home and what items absolutely need to be utilized? Remember, just because you own it doesn't mean it needs to be out. This is part of the fun of can periodically switch things around.  Also, take a moment to think about practicality. For example, I use lots of containers and trays to contain things in my home. That's not just because I think it's an awesome decorating tool, but it's also because my cat is literally up on everything and his favorite thing is to knock things off the edge of whatever furniture piece he is perched on. Containing items give my beloved things a fighting chance to not get broken!


Look at things in a new way. If you have always filled a container with books, try subbing them for plants. If you always put candles in your candlesticks try removing them and leaving as is, or perch something unique on top. For fall, I used gourds, at Christmas I used ornaments, so winter might be a great time for pinecones.

This is just the start of what you can do. Switch rugs from room to room, rearrange furniture or swap a piece from one part of you home to another, switch or mix and match pillows or art. The possibilities are endless and you don't have to make an investment to freshen up your home!

Be sure to come back next week and I'll show you all exactly how I've redecorated for January in my home without purchasing a single thing!

I hope my tips have been of help to you all!

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