Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finger Knit Winter Wreath

 Hey friends! Have you ever tried finger knitting? I first gave it a shot last winter and completely fell in love.  It's fast and easy and super addictive. I just get comfy on the couch, which is sort of mandatory with my sprained ankle, (oh yeah, I totally missed the last stair carrying laundry into the basement), turn on my favorite show (are you all obsessed with New Girl, too) and get crafty.

Would you like to make a finger knit winter wreath, too?  Here's what you need:  two skeins of thick yarn in colors of your choice, a wreath form, scissors, finger knitting instructions (I like these).

Begin by finger knitting with your main yarn (in my case the cream). You will most likely need to use the entire length of yarn, but you can break it up into more manageable length if you need to.
Your finger knitted yarn should produce something like looks like a rope.  Simply wrap it around the wreath form. I just secured it by tying the ends of the yarn to the form, but you could certainly use a drop of hot glue.
So, you want to continue knitting, wrapping (make sure there are no gaps or you will see the wreath form) and securing until your wreath form is nearly full.  The gap that remains will be filled in by finger knitting a length in your contrasting yarn and adding it to the wreath.
The last step is to make the pom-pom scarf. I again finger knitted a long length of the contrasting yarn.  When I was satisfied with the amount (and this is all personal preference), I wrapped it around the top of my wreath several times and secured it with a knot.

Lastly, I made two pom-poms and tied them to the end of the scarf.  I didn't even make a form for the pom-poms, rather I just wrapped the yarn around my fingers.  If you want a pom-pom tutorial, though, here is a great one.


I love how the wreath came out and I promise you it is super easy to make!  The best thing is that it is winter themed and not Christmas so it can stay up for months!

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