Monday, February 10, 2014

Creating a Bar Cart & Conscious Shopping

The bar cart trend has been all over the place lately, and I love how universal it has become. Regardless of how a home is decorated whether it be vintage, country, traditional, modern it just seems to work.

And, I've wanted one for our dining room, but haven't been able to justify the cost to purchase one (like $100+). A big thing for 2014 is for us to be more conscious with spending.
So, I've been trying to think about what I could repurpose for a bar cart that I already had here at home. Initially, I was planning on painting a metal cart I had bought at a school closing sale, but it didn't mesh with the more antique pieces in our dining room and the scale was all wrong.
I finally decided on this gorgeous little table that my husband had bought at a tag sale last summer.  (He frequently comes home with pieces for me to paint and sell.) We never really had a plan for this table, but at only $5 for a marble table he couldn't pass it up. Seriously. $5.
All it needed was a quick coat of black paint to update it and some easy styling. 
Now, I did purchase a few things. The acrylic tray is actually an organizer that I lined with remnant leather that I had on hand. I also picked up the clearance gold glasses and the pack of coasters (all from HomeGoods). But, I approached the shopping trip with a different mindset. I went in only looking for items for this specific project, which differs from my typical buying because I might be able to use it at some point. This type of thinking has seriously cut down on both my spending and time wasted.
It works perfectly in this spot in our dining room, serving as an extension of the antique cabinet that holds our china and glasses.

What are some of your tips for cutting back on costs, but still decorating your home? I'd love for you all to share!