Monday, March 17, 2014

Antique Pantry Cabinets as Living Room Storage

You know what? That whole idea of light affecting a paint color is no joke. Seriously. What you think is the perfect color may just be totally different in glaring bright daylight.


I picked up these fantastic antique cabinets a few weeks ago. They had come out of a pantry and were in excellent condition.
However, I was not a fan of the cranberry color. Also, since these had been attached in a series the sides were unfinished.  I knew I wanted to stack them (they are super sturdy like this) and paint them a uniform color. I was leaning towards either cream or gray.
I decided to use the gray to balance out our gray upholstered chair in our living room. All was great, until the next morning when it started to get sunny.
You see, our living room is always flooded with light. This is such an awesome thing. However, it does not play nice with colors. What was gray on a cloudy day, read straight up lavender in the sun. So not what I wanted. (And believe me, the true lavender is not even coming through in this progress picture.)
Plan B called for me to repaint the cabinets again, this time in Linen by General Finishes. Yup, that's right. I painted this cabinet two full times last week.
The after result is fantastic. And, I love the creamy white so much better anyway. But, sometimes getting to that point is killer. Darn me for being a perfectionist.
Anyway, I am loving the scale of the cabinets in the living room and the storage is amazing! Our old home is so lacking in closet space!
I'm loving the older feel this piece gives the room. It plays off the more modern elements and ties into the antique dining table we have in the adjoining room.
Please tell me that you have run into this problem with paint before, too!