Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vibrant, Antique Drop Leaf Table

Hey all! I'm back with yet another drop leaf table. I don't know what it is this year, but they keep finding their way to me!

Anyway, this one is super old and was already painted white when I got it. Since I knew what it would look like in a neutral I decided to go bold and use one of my favorite colors, Patina Green by General Finishes.
I think this adds the perfect bit of color to a space without being overwhelming. I picture it as an entry table or sofa table, but of course it could work as a small dining table or desk, too. (I'm sure you're all shocked that Figgy stepped into the pictures...)
I'm craving spring! You know, because of the whole its the second half of March, yet still only like 25 degrees thing.
To give it more character, I went back and distressed it in certain areas to reveal the original white paint.
Really loving this classic piece in a fun color. What do you all think?