Monday, March 3, 2014

Updating 1990s Furniture

So, when my husband and I first got married we bought pretty much all new furniture. And we loved it and definitely got our money's worth. But, slowly, over the last couple of years we have replaced nearly each piece with mostly vintage and antique furniture that I have hunted down and refurbished.

After a good year (or more) of trying to find the perfect nightstand for my husband's side of the bed (and believe me, I have tried a ton of options) we concluded that the perfect piece was actually the nightstand we bought 16 years ago. (Go figure...)
But, the finish was sort of just meh.  It was a tad beat up, although not horribly, but the real problem I've found is the color of the stain has changed over time from a deep brown to more of an orange cast. Not my thing.
What had me a bit freaked out though, and you all know I paint a ton of furniture, was that the nightstand had sort of a factory finish type of paint. I really don't know how to describe it otherwise. It is all real wood and real stain, but just has a perfectly applied and smooth finish that doesn't seem authentic.
Keeping all that in mind, I decided to use chalk paint on this project and since I've worked with DecoArt quite a bit lately, they were nice enough to send me over some of their Americana Chalky Finish Paint in Carbon. I did literally no prep other than to clean the piece. Also, (and this was a huge bonus) I used hardly any paint, as the coverage was wonderful.  Once I had done a couple of coats, I let the nightstand thoroughly dry and then used their Clear Crème Wax to protect the piece. I was so worried about painting this, but I am thrilled with the results and durability.
And, I completely cannot leave without talking about the fab hardware. I love black and brass and was looking for something to modernize the piece and this definitely has. D. Lawless Hardware was nice enough to send over their Antique Brass Rockefeller Knobs for this nightstand. I absolute love the brushed look of this hardware And, I was taken aback by how heavy they were. The quality is fantastic! (And the prices are so reasonable...seriously, go check them out!)
Anyway, I'm calling this little painting/updating experiment a success. What do you all think? Have you tackled any furniture from this era yet?

*I was compensated for this post, however all content, thoughts and opinions are my own.