Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DIY Speckled, Wooden Eggs

You all already know that I love white/cream and natural elements and this weekend I created these rustic speckled eggs that fit the bill and are perfect for a spring display.


Best yet, these are super easy. Here are the supplies you'll need:  wooden eggs, paint brush, paint for your base color (I used a variety of creams left over from furniture projects), a contrasting color to speckle onto the eggs (I used a dark brown), varnish and a toothbrush. Optional: old egg cartons and fine sandpaper.
Begin by painting the eggs with your chosen base color. I find that working on projects like this move quickest when going assembly line style. So, I painted two coats on half of the eggs, letting dry between coats, and then flipped them over and painted two coats on the other side. This is where the cartons come in so handy, as they can help support the eggs while they dry.
After all the eggs where painted I lightly sanded them to give a smoother finish, but this is completely optional.
Next, I loaded my toothbrush with my contrasting color and ran my fingernail over the bristles to spray the paint all over the eggs. Just keep repeating until they are covered to your liking. (Of course, I  again did half of the eggs, let them dry, flipped them and continued with other half.)
My last step was to seal them with varnish (can be found at the craft store).
 I love them all piled up in this huge bowl.
I also added in a white antler from West Elm for more height and interest.
How do you decorate for Easter and spring at your home?  I definitely don't go over the top, but I do love to add in a nod to the season.