Monday, April 7, 2014

Vintage Hide Rug & Spring Entry

I have awesome news! I think it may actually be spring here in the northeast! Finally, this weekend the last little patch of snow melted and the birds have started nest making. It's all very exciting, but I totally know it may not be for good. My birthday is in a few days and, once as a child, my parents had to postpone my birthday party because of...snow. I'm sadly not even kidding.
Anyway, I am going to embrace the wonderful weather both inside and outside right now. This weekend I added in a couple of spring touches to our entry and also came home with this fantastic vintage hide rug.

I've wanted one forever, and lest you think I am jumping on the hide bandwagon, I had a sheepskin rug in my room all though growing up, but it vanished in a move somewhere down the line.

I love how it defines the space more as an entry/sitting area.

I also moved this vintage blue chair a bit more into the entry and added in the marble topped table that I had painted months ago.

I also brought in a couple of little springy touches.

The dresser near the front door got a pale aqua ceramic tray from Target. I love how it brings our accent color into our entry. And, doesn't this dresser have the best legs? It has been perfect for us to store hats, shoes, etc. so there is no mess at the front door.

I also removed the large wood bowl and stick from the top of our IKEA cabinet and added in an old glass lantern and a flowering plant from Trader Joe's to lighten up the space.

Here's one last shot of the rug as it flows into our living room.